ikg inc.


We design and produce comprehensively all the living environment and life space
including appearance, interior and garden/yard.


    We are aware of the building to fit in and act in concert with the living space spontaneously.

    We join from the land/site choice, and we will produce as just as important space between the inner also outside the building such as the approach and gardens.

    • Feasibility Study
      Proposal and land selection.
    • Basic Design
      Determination of the floor plan, elevation, sectional plan.
      Determination of the finish image.
      Determination of the concept of equipment.

    • Execution Design
      Determination of the function, materials and form of each part.
    • Design administration
      Bid control and assessment. Design supervision

    We totally style, new or renovated indoor space.

    Good quality of furniture, lighting and windows around and fixtures are.
    Special order item of a certain originality design is large.
    New materials and methods are effectively incorporated.

    We think, art is the important spice that bring happiness and spiritual richness to life.
    Therefore, we search out arts from all over the world that fit nicely in the space.
    Sometimes, we request the artist to create a work that fits, if necessary.

    • Interior
      Design and proposal of furniture and fixtures.
    • Design and Coordination
      Plan and proposal of lighting, foliage plants, audio environment
      and security equipment.

    • Selection and Coordination
      Selection and proposal of furniture, art and equipment
      such as curtains, linen, crockery, household appliances, etc.

    After the building was comleted, we will support your comfortable life, such as maintenance service.

    • Maintenance Manual and Planning
      Plan and proposal of maintenance services.
    • Party Plan and Manage
      Proposal and management of the party.